Eclipse Contact Info

Concierge 24/7 - recommended for emergencies
703 412 9373 -or-

"On Site" Management office in the far rear corner of 3600
703 412 9375 -or-
703 412 9378 -or-

Eclipse Board of Directors

First Service Residential - our management company - local office in Fairfax
703 385 1133 -or- -or- 703 679 1556

You should assume that most folks above work
normal business hours on weekdays only.
Emails with names might change but
other information should be reasonably stable.

The official Eclipse website (Good luck)
FAQ: "How can residents contact the Board of Directors? They can attend a Board meeting or send an email to Samer . . . and it will be forwarded to the Board."
(Do you remember when Samer was the on site manager?
Before Noreen? Noreen who?)

I need help with the following . . .

email David with corrections, additions, or comments
see the link at the top of this page

Commonwealth of Virginia Condominium Ombudsman
email david for the web address and contact information

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