Considering selling? A word to the wise.

Feel free to use the comments in bold italics below in whole or in part at your own risk as the icing on your cake, but remember: You’re not selling the building or Crystal City. Lead with pertinent information on your unit stressing the important unchangeable features. The new MLS now allows 4,000 characters; up from 400, so theres no need for all those abbreviations (BR, hr, Alex, W/D, etcetera). But sometimes less is more: Your buyers are looking to buy a condo, not read a book. So just hit the highlights and avoid diluting your message with trivia. Also, buyers are assuming that everything works and a comment about your new water heater (etcetera) raises questions about what is not new. So, skip it.

Have you heard? Amazon is coming and Crystal City is the epicenter. The Eclipse is the newest high-rise condo in the Crystal City area by at least 3 decades. Construction is solid with concrete columns and floors, not to be confused with nearby newer residences that are 6 stories or less, and are stick-built despite the look of their brick exteriors. Our concrete construction should be a plus for fire safety and quiet enjoyment. And it is a treasure to have a supermarket in our basement. There is a 24/7 concierge to welcome our guests and receive our packages. (Feel free to mention your favorite amenities here.)

Be sure to notice the bus right across 36th Street to Crystal City and the Metro. The new Metro stop, just to the south near the movies on Potomac Avenue, is expected to open in early 2022. A little-known advantage is that one can walk home from Reagan National Airport in about 5 minutes: Just take the airport bus to economy parking lot Stop #12.

A couple tips:

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