Towing Procedure for P2 and P3 levels

From Eclipse management February 2019 . . .
. . . but does not appear on the official website. It has been lightly edited.

1) Ask the resident with the complaint for their unit number then verify their parking spot.
2) Go to parking spot of complaining resident, take a picture of the car and license tag.
3) Check our database for the license tag number and/or car make and model.
4) If we identify the car and find that it belongs to another resident, we call the resident and ask them to move the vehicle. We also give them their correct parking spot number.
5) If we cannot contact the offending resident, we ask the inconvenienced resident if they can wait a bit until we hear from the offending resident. If they say "no," we call A-1 Towing.
6) We then email the resident who parked in the wrong spot with the reason for their car getting towed, and provide the phone number for A-1 towing: 703 416 0710

Presumably, if the license tag number is not in the Eclipse database, A-1 Towing is called immediately.
The moral of the story:
Be sure management has your car information on file, and don't park in the wrong spot!

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