Your HVAC Vents!

When I removed my HVAC vents this is what I saw. (below) photo

It is easy to cut out the (foil-faced) fiberglass with a knife and have full flow. This should improve comfort and save money.
Almost everyone who checked, found a problem. I had this problem in both of my units in the East building. One resident (Jennifer) found there was no cut out at all. She had always wondered why that room never got cool.

To check, remove the 2 screws holding your vent-covers to the wall. Then remove the vent-covers and look inside.

Make no mistake: Your vents were designed to be cut out completely. Take a careful look at the photos. This is careless, shoddy, unsupervised work from when our units were built. You don't have be a graduate engineer with experience in HVAC Research and Development (like David), or ask an HVAC technician, or your landlord: Just look at the photos. If you need to reduce air flow into a certain room, adjust the louvers in the vent-covers.

For more stories and photos from residents who have checked, go to the Eclipse Facebook page and put "HVAC Rathgeber" in the search box. (May 28, 2017)

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