Parking space rental information

Parking spaces are usually rented by the month, but some owners will rent weekly. Also check the Eclipse Facebook page and bulletin boards for parking information.

  UnavailableCorine571 236 3736
  UnavailableDavid703 434 0773
  UnavailableJay412 567 7744
  UnavailableLen571 213 4021
  UnavailablePat321 693 4081
  AVAILABLEVincent202 594 4246
  UnavailableVlad703 447 4646

Unavailable: Rented long-term/Offered first to current tenants/Occupied by owner

Notes . . .

Other options

Retail parking on P1 (not Harris Teeter) has been free (no towing) to Eclipse residents from 7pm to 7am weekdays and 7pm Friday until 7am Monday. This is likely still correct, but it bears checking occasionally with the Rock Crest Group who manage our retail areas: 703 502 9797. Ask for Sue Wisdom.

Commercial parking is available at the Colonial Parking garage through the entrance on 35th Street. When last checked, the monthly charge was $125. Click for a photo of their sign.

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$elling an Eclipse Condo?

Let 10,000 Realtors know
that you really DO have a garage!

Update: The Realtors MLS system has greatly improved the process for entering a garage. The old process was so tricky that most of our condos did NOT show their garage. Many agents who thought they had entered a garage properly, had not. Consequently, anyone searching for a condo with a garage would not even find such a listing. But with the new MLS process it is almost impossible to mess up.

Original post: Entering a garage into the MLS is so tricky that up to 85% of our condos for sale with an existing garage, do not have it entered correctly. So, someone searching for a condo with a garage (a must-have item for many) will not even see your listing in their search results.

This can be a major problem even if your garage was "entered" into the MLS and might appear elsewhere in some MLS reports or third-party websites. Only a Realtor can check this; you cannot check it online!

A BIG advantage: Parking space flexibility

If you have only one parking space, it will be an advantage if you can offer two spaces to prospective buyers. I have an extra parking space that could be offered to buyers who need two spaces.

If you have two parking spaces it could be to your advantage to offer only one. This could be especially important in negotiating with a buyer who does not want to pay your full asking price. In this event, I would buy your second space, and you could reduce your price accordingly.

Please note that I have experience transferring parking spaces from one Eclipse unit to another.

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